If you’re reading this post, then you already know that getting increased traffic to your site is massively important to the growth and success of your business.

But how do you get increased traffic? How do you make yourself more visible and build your brand effectively? What are the factors that affect how well you rank on Google, how many people click through and how many of them turn into customers?

Having a sophisticated and robust approach to SEO is the key that unlocks all this potential for increased traffic and revenue growth.

And an SEO service can help you do it.

What Is SEO?

You’ve probably heard the term SEO before, maybe you know what it stands for - Search Engine Optimization - you might even be one of the lucky few who actually have an idea of what it means.

But for many people and small businesses, the world of SEO remains a mystery. Hopefully, this post will help you get to the bottom of it and start you on the path to a robust and powerful online presence.

We’ll also look at the benefits a dedicated SEO service can bring to your business’s online visibility - and how that can dramatically improve your bottom line!

What Is SEO In Marketing?

When marketers talk about SEO, they’re referring to the use of several tools – behind the scenes and on the ‘front-end’ of your website – to make your business more visible and to build your online brand. So, if, for example, you’re a dentist in San Francisco, when someone Googles ‘San Francisco dentist’, it’s your dental practice that comes out on top of the pack.

That means more potential customers clicking through to your site or giving you a call.

And that in turn leads to more customers and more income.

We are an SEO service for Silicon Valley that has spent years developing and honing these online marketing tools to create our ‘visibility engine’, which we use to help small businesses drastically expand their online presence.

And we can get results quickly. Brands and businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and we do not apply a cookie-cutter approach. When we take on a new client, we work with them to assess their needs and build an overall SEO approach that increases a brand’s digital footprint.

Doing it this way will deliver more customers and increased profits over the long-term.

But we don’t believe that you should be waiting around for months on end before seeing results. We think you should start to see improvements in web traffic within the first month of working with us.

Can I Do SEO on My Own?

Choosing to go it alone may seem like the savvy thing to do, especially where your marketing budget is concerned. And there are certain things that you can (and should) do yourself to build your brand’s presence online. But trying to fit all the pieces of the advertising and marketing puzzle together without the input of a dedicated team of experts is not going to pay off over time.

It may well end up delivering a far lower ROI than if you get the help of experts.

Having fantastic SEO lets you:​

  • Build and grow a well-established online presence
  • Improve your local reputation
  • Build trust with your search results
  • Increase traffic in a cost-effective way
  • Attract more customers
  • Generate measurable results

Why You Need Professional SEO Services

An SEO service can provide things that you simply wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

If you’re looking for an SEO service in San Francisco or beyond, we’re offering you a free telephone consultation to see if we’d be a good fit for each other. 

We want to get an all-round picture of your unique needs and get a feel for your online marketing.

Once we start working with a new client, the first step is to carry out a detailed, end-to-end audit - we take a deep look around your site. We’ll assess what is working well for you and what we could improve on.

Crucially, a professional SEO service can take stock of everything your business is doing online - and what customers and reviewers are saying about your services - before launching into a full-blown SEO campaign.

This is so important because your SEO needs a customized campaign strategy.

Working in-step with experts in the field, communicating, implementing and improving at every stage, is the only way to develop a strategy that works.

professional SEO services

An SEO service can also look at keyword selection. What are the best, industry-specific, keywords to boost your brand and get customers to notice you rather than your competitors?

Maybe most importantly to your business, a professional service can optimize on-site conversion. We can analyze how visitors behave when they’re on your site. What are they looking at? How long do they spend there? If they’re going to go from a casual browser to a buyer, what obstacles might be in their way?

We can create game-changing visibility and exposure that will generate more leads and attract more customers in the next 90 days… without changing a single thing in your business.

If that sounds like something that could be of value to you, get in touch today for a free telephone consultation.

Done Right, SEO Delivers High ROI

SEO is quantifiable. With the right analysis in place, you will be able to see:

  • How much traffic your website is getting
  • How many leads you are generating
  • The engagement rates (likes, shares, comments) on your social media content
  • How many browsers you are turning into sales

If you can measure these things accurately, you will be able to track your online progress, and see how much a beefed-up SEO operation improves your sales and revenue.

Here’s the Best Way to Get Customers Through Your Door (hint - they open it themselves)

Have you heard the term ‘organic search’? You might’ve come across it when doing your marketing homework.

It simply describes the process someone goes through when they want to find something online and look it up – hopefully finding you!

A simple concept, but a very powerful one.

To see just how powerful this can be, let’s look at an example. Let’s say you’re a Silicon Valley doctor and you want to attract new clients ahead of your competitors. You need to make sure that when someone searches for the keywords ‘Silicon Valley doctor’ they end up on your website.

Because we offer our clients tailored SEO services, we can get your business dominating more online ‘real estate’, leading to increased traffic to your website.

...And Here’s the Best Way to Get Them to Buy Something

The traffic generated by SEO is very high quality: it converts into sales well. This is because it consists of people who are actively looking for the product or services you offer.

These are the very people you want to attract to your business.

So, if you have a stronger online presence, that makes you easier to find for the people who are most likely to turn into your customers.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to know that customers research online before they buy. With a strong SEO game, you can build trust and credibility with potential customers. You can leverage your expanded online presence and increased authority to build a strong and lasting relationship that turns casual browsers into loyal customers.

Local SEO Is the Way to Go

Being able to be found locally is one of the most important things to get right if you want to increase traffic, customers and sales. This is where an SEO service for San Francisco can be invaluable.

Have you noticed that when you look up a local service, Google gives three results at the top of the page? This is called the ‘Three Pack,’ and we want to get you to the top of it!

small business in local 3-pack

If you appear in (or even top) the ‘Three Pack’, and then also appear again (maybe more than once) on page one of Google, the authority and trust you generate is pretty phenomenal.

We can help get you there by analyzing the local information about your business that’s already out there, then re-shaping and refocusing it to make you more visible in local searches.

We also analyze your top competitors to see what strategies and techniques they are using and to make sure we are one step ahead of the game.

A Better User Experience Plus Increased Visibility Equals More Trust and Confidence

In truth, user experience and visibility go hand in hand. Ranking well on Google isn’t just a matter of throwing a few keywords out there and hoping for the best. There are many, many different ways Google analyzes its potential results to decide what information is most valuable to its users.

It might come as a surprise to you, but one of the key ways it does this today is by looking at how easy your site is to navigate. If you think about this, it makes sense – a poorly designed website is not going to lead to a positive user experience.

local seo pricing

If Google decides that most people who visit your site are having a positive user experience, then it will give significant weight to that when deciding what results to return.

Add to this the shortened online attention span your potential customers have when browsing your site, and the importance of an optimized user experience becomes clear.

Website SEO services can analyze user experience and make changes to your site accordingly.

They can also provide technical SEO for your site, making sure the behind-the-scenes framework is not hampering your ranking potential.

On-site SEO also means on-site optimization of keywords and a natural link portfolio.

Don’t Let Your Competition Get Ahead of You

Any self-respecting small-to-medium-sized business has to put at least a bit of effort into SEO in 2020. The word is out that SEO strategy is not something you can afford to ignore. And if you’re taking it seriously (which is why you’re reading this post), then you can bet your competitors are too.

To put it bluntly, you need to be ranking higher than them if you want to attract more new customers and build your business.

That’s no reason to panic. Just because they’re doing it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing it right - or at least optimally! And picking up the phone to us will put you in a much stronger position, drawing on our wealth of experience to beat the competition.

So Give Us a Call and Get the Ball Rolling

We believe a professional, dedicated and personalized SEO service can transform your business and firmly establish your brand. Our free consultation is a way for both of us to work out what kind of an online presence you have and what kind of benefits working with our SEO service could bring.